Primary advantages of Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet program is meant to enable you to lose fat with the simple concept of foods being either “in” or “out.” You choose foods that were available during the Paleolithic era, such as meat, eggs, fish, roots, vegetables, berries and mushrooms. You eschew processed foods along with foods that came along after agriculture and animal husbandry were adopted such as sugar, added salt, dairy, grains and all processed or fast foods. You drink water and eliminate all other beverages, except perhaps organic green tea and coconut water. The basic theory behind the Paleo Diet is that your body is evolutionarily and genetically and created to thrive on caveman-era foods. The diet program is purported to have several benefits, though you need to check with a doctor before trying it.


Taking grains from your diet doesn’t means that you will have to are affected by constipation. Grains are actually only one way to obtain fiber and you can get plenty by including non-grain plant-based foods, as an example vegetables, fruits and tubers, for the most part of your meals. A normal day of eating real foods following the Paleo diet principles can easily add to up to 42 g of fiber (based on a 2,200-calorie diet).

Weight Reduction

A common “side effect” of rebalancing your bodys chemistry is weight loss, as the two tend to go hand-in-hand. One explanation for this is that you don’t really get fat from eating too much and exercising too little. Nor do you get fat from eating fat.

What exactly does cause your fat tissue to build up and hold on to fat?

In a word: carbohydrates.

Fundamentally, overeating and excess weight can be considered as a proof of an improper diet, because when you consume too many sugars and carbs, you set off a cascade of chemical reactions in your body that makes you hungry and craving for sweets:

1. First, fructose is metabolized differently from glucose, with the majority being turned directly into fat because fructose stimulates a powerful “fat switch.”
2. This rapidly results in fat gain and abdominal obesity (“beer belly”), decreased HDL, increased LDL, elevated triglycerides, elevated bloodstream sugar levels, and high blood pressure-i.e., classic metabolic syndrome.
3. Dietary carbohydrates, especially fructose, are also the primary source of a substance called glycerol-3-phosphate (g-3-p), which causes fat to become fixed in fat tissue
4. At the same time, high carb intake raises your insulin levels, which prevents fat from being released
5. Fructose further tricks your body into weight gain by turning off your body’s appetite-control system. Fructose does not suppress ghrelin (the “hunger hormone”) and doesn’t stimulate leptin (the “satiety hormone”), which together result in feeling hungry all the time, even though you’ve eaten. As a result, you overeat and develop insulin resistance, which is not only an underlying factor of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but also many cancers (source: By Dr. Mercola)

Potential Health Benefits

The diet program may put you in synch with your genetic requirements and thus boost your health if its theory is correct, says Jack Challem in the Nutrition Reporter article “Paleolithic Nutrition: Your Future is Your Dietary Past.” Eating a modern diet, on the other hand, makes you more susceptible to cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and many other modern-day diseases, says Challem, also the author of “Stop Prediabetes Now” and “The Inflammation Syndrome.” Agriculture was introduced just 10,000 years ago, with people starting to refine grains and sugar about 1900 with the advent of the Industrial Age.

From a genetic perspective that means 100,000 generations survived as hunter-gatherers, 500 generations utilized agriculture, 10 generations have followed the industrial age, and only a couple of generations have been exposed to highly processed and fast food. If nothing else, the diet eliminates foods that are known to increase risk for many of these health conditions. The American Heart Association recommends you eat fewer processed and fast foods that are of little nutritional value, or nutrient poor, including those with hydrogenated oils and trans fats, foods with added sugar and foods with lots of salt.

Paleo Breakfast Recipe, Here We Come

Here’s a wonderful widely used paleo breakfast recipe, it’s on an omelette that has been found in many of the most respected paleo recipe guides available on the market.

The good thing that you’ve the information outlined below for you, all totally free! Please read on to find the recipe and above all, enjoy!

This kind of omelette is actually milk free, and is dairy free when you use coconut oil in lieu of butter.

It is also grain/gluten free. I actually do not put any sugars to the mix, however I have options to include honey plus fresh fruit to serve along with it.

Lets get to the ingredients

Two whole eggs, beaten
One teaspoon. vanilla extract
One T. butter/ghee or perhaps coconut oil, to cook with
Optionally available to offer: (see down below for suggestions)

1. In a bowl beat the vanilla with the eggs until heavy. Set aside.
2. Warm the butter inside the cooking pan upon medium heat until the butter has melted and commenced bubbling.
3. Add the egg mix to the pan making certain the mixture is evenly spread round the pan.
4. Cook until finally it’s firm and all the fluid has cooked. Collapse the omelette over itself after which you can serve how you like.

Ideas to serve with the special breakfast omelette:

1. Toasted almonds, lemon curd and honey
2. Nut butters for example almond and macadamia
3. Fresh fruit for instance banana, apple and strawberries fill up using lemon curd
4. A dollop of yoghurt or even sour cream
5. A dollop of whipped coconut cream
6. Sprinkle of cinnamon
7. Sliced pecans

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